Ronghuei Wu

2007 Graduate Institute of Athletics and Coaching Science, National Taiwan Sports University.

Actively promoted and taught Tai Chi Chuan locally, internationally, and academically since 2000.

Currently holds the following positions :

Locally and academically,
  1. Chairperson, Chinese Tai Chi Foundation.
  2. Three positions at the National Tai Chi Chuan Association, NTCCA, which is the central governing body of Tai Chi Chuan in Taiwan.
    • CEO of its member Yijian Tai Chi Chuan Association
    • Chairperson of the Referee Committee
    • Head referee for all competitions the NTCCA sponsored between 2004 and 2014
  1. Lecturer at two departments of National Taiwan Sports University:
    • Department of Athletic Training and Health
    • Department of Adapted Physical Education
  1. Coach at these clubs
    • Tai Chi Chuan pushing hands at the Institute for the Blind of Taiwan
    • Tai Chi Chuan pushing hands at the National Taipei University of Technology

Coach of the Yijian Tai Chi Chuan groups at
  1. Paris, France
  2. Semarang, Semarang City, Central Java, Indonesia
  3. Thun, Switzerland
  4. Wuppertal, Germany
  5. Washington, DC, USA

Wu RH and pushing hands competitions

In a span of 12 years, 1989-2000, Wu RH won more than 20 championships in the following Tai Chi pushing hands competitions, all in the 60-65kg division except in 1999. In that year, he voluntarily signed up for division 7, 75-80kg, competing with people 4 divisions heavier than him. He won.
  1. 1989-1993, won five years in a row, National Zhongzheng Cup and Sanfeng Cup, division II
  2. 1994 won Zhonghua Cup International Tai Chi Chuan Championship, division III (60-65 kilograms)
  3. 1995 won Taiwan Games and Taiwan Governor’s Cup, division III (60-65 kilograms).
  4. 1996 won National Zhonghua Cup, division III (60-65 kilograms).
  5. 1997 won Taiwan Governor’s Cup, division III (60-65 kilograms).
  6. 1998 won Taiwan Games, division III (60-65 kilograms).
  7. 1999 won National Zhongzheng Cup, division VII (75-80 kilograms).
  8. 2000 won USA All-Taiji Championship, middle weight division ( 64-80 kilograms).

25 Years of Pushing Hands , 2010 [太極拳推手生涯二十五年 ]
Supple Tai Chi Chuan,2014 [ 鬆柔太極拳 ]

Technical reports on Tai Chi Chuan pushing hands techniques